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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?
  2. We are located in the Cedar Bluff/Middlebrook area of West Knoxville. Because my business is located in my home, I do not publish my address. For anyone picking up cakes and or coming by for a wedding cake consultation, please call for address and directions.

  3. Do you make your cakes in your home kitchen?
  4. No. It is required by the Knox County health department to have a separate kitchen facility for commercial businesses. I am licensed, permitted and inspected by the Knox County Health Department just like any other restaurant/food service provider.

  5. Can I stop by anytime and check out your cakes?
  6. Because my business is in my home, I’m not set-up to accommodate walk-in customers. Therefore, I operate by appointment only. Most birthday orders can be handled over the phone, wedding customers are encouraged to schedule consultation appointments.

  7. How soon in advance do I need to place my order?
  8. Birthday cakes: I require at least one week’s notice, and do not take orders past Tuesday for weekend deadlines. During wedding season (April – October) more notice may be required and is recommended. Because we are closed Sundays and Mondays, cake pick-ups are available Wednesday – Saturday only.

    Wedding cakes: It is never too early to book, but here are some guidelines:

    • April – June weddings: 6 – 9 months in advance
    • July-September weddings: 4-6 months in advance
    • October: 6 – 9 months in advance
    • November – March: 3 months in advance
  9. Do you ship your cakes?
  10. If you don’t mind a mush pile of cake and icing, yes. Otherwise, no. =)

  11. If I bring a photo of a cake I saw in a magazine, can you duplicate it?
  12. Absolutely. You can bring it in at your consultation (if it’s for a wedding cake) or email it to me to get an idea on price and “doability”. See the contact page for the direct email address.

  13. I have an invitation for my event. Can you create a cake design based on it?
  14. Many of our birthday/special event cakes spring from a basic concept/idea that originates from the invitation. This is what your guests see before they even attend the party, so why night coordinate the cake to the theme they’re expecting? As with the order, we need to have the invite at lease on week prior to the event, earlier for more elaborate ideas.

  15. What is fondant?
  16. Fondant is a smooth, rollable icing that can be used to cover a cake and/or decorate a cake. While gaining in popularity, it has a reputation of not tasting good. There are many varieties of fondant on the market, and there are those that do taste icky. I have found a product that has a mild marshmellowy flavor and is not offensive to the taste! Most people are not used to the texture, which is somewhat chewy and unexpected on a traditional cake. I ice all my cakes in buttercream before covering them with fondant, which helps keeps the fondant soft and still allows for a great tasting cake underneath the fondant covering.

  17. Do you require a deposit to secure your services?
  18. Birthdays: For orders over $100, we require a 50% deposit. This can be taken over the phone with a credit card (plus 3% fee) or a check can be sent by mail, as long as it is received one week prior to the event.

    Weddings: To book and secure a wedding date, a 50% deposit is required. Most deposits are received following the wedding cake consultation. However, if you know you’d like to book before your consultation, a $250 deposit can be made to reserve your day.

  19. Do you deliver?
  20. Birthdays: Most birthday/special event cakes are picked up at our location in West Knoxville. Upon request, we will deliver in the Knoxville area for $30. This is a drop-off fee only. If additional set-up is required, this fee will increase $20 + depending on the services required. Our wedding schedule will also dictate delivery availability on Saturdays.

    Weddings: We absolutely insist that we deliver your wedding cake. 2 tier and some 3 tier cakes (for smaller weddings) are ok for pick-up but we are NOT responsible for any mishaps that may occur after the cake leaves our driveway. Cakes are perishable and fragile, it is important that a professional ensure your cake make it to its destination in one piece. There are many factors that can ruin a cake in transportation and we are experienced in dealing with these factors, as well as fixing any boo boos that may happen along the way. It is one less thing for you to worry about on your big day. We do ask that if the road to the reception is unpaved, bumpy, steep, curvy, etc, LET US KNOW so we can plan accordingly. Delivery fees are based on reception venue and location, starting at $60 in the Knoxville area.