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About Us

Who thought that when I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1995 with a degree in marketing that I would be running my own business making cakes four years later? Not me!

I’m Andrea Williamsen, and I started Daisy Cake Company shortly after my second son was born in 1999. I worked for a local advertising agency for two years before deciding it was not what I wanted to do after all. When my first son was eight months old, I quit work to be a stay-at-home mom. However, being idle is not a trait that runs in my family. I had to do something (like being a mom wasn’t enough!), and I had always dreamed of owning my own business.

About Daisy Cake Co.

I dabbled in tole painting and decorative furniture painting before I considered cake decorating. While planning a baby shower for a friend, I was disappointed with the cake design options available, so I decided to make it myself. Thankfully, my techniques have improved since then! I started doing cakes for friends and their friends, and thanks to that wonderful business builder, word of mouth, the rest is history.

I started doing wedding cakes a couple years later, after introducing my work at a few local bridal shows. Weddings now consist of 90% of my business, and again I’m thankful to those friends and customers of mine who have been so supportive and eager to share my name with others.

Although Daisy Cake Company has grown considerably over the years, my fundamental beliefs remain the same. I started out with the desire to offer people something unique and original, things that they could not find elsewhere. This is reflected not only in my designs, but in my cake flavor offerings as well. I’ve also tried to differentiate myself from others, when others zig I zag. I am not a pastry chef, my training has been limited to some local cake deocorating courses taken early on. When you are passionate about something, you find a way to learn. Therefore, I am a self-taught decorator, and the baking? Many hours of trial and error! I am always looking for new ways to do things, to come up with ideas none other has thought of.

Creativity is my lifeblood, and I’m just grateful to be able to share this with others. I truly see my work as edible art, and when others can appreciate that, it is all the more rewarding.